03/28/2012 —- My original attempt at a bio is below… I intend to add more.  I dont think I will change anything for a while though… Just to see the evolution of myself.  I think it is always fun to watch human growth and evolution of self.

03/26/2012 —- Ive never been very good with words, I suppose that’s why I have pursued a life of science rather than the arts. 

However,  a gift with words is a very valuable gift in life.  I learnt that lesson in a whole new way while working in Afghanistan.  Every Saturday at the market Local Afghani citizens would sell their local Afghani treasures.  You quickly learn these men have a wonderful way of convincing you that you desire their goods, even considering they hardly speak English at all.  I bought some stuff I can’t lie.

In other matters of Roxy, I am a Libra and represent both sides of pretty much everything.  I am constantly striving to achieve the perfect balance, although, Lets Be Real, life can never exist in perfect harmony.  Everything in life needs a driving force, if the perfect balance was reached then there would be no where else to go.

As for going places, I want to go to every place!  I don’t need a reason, just a camera and an open mind.  I want to learn about your history, your culture, your language and most of all your FOOD!  Yes You!

Yes Food! I love food, all kinds. Eating it, cooking it, sharing it, and eating leftovers ^__^ .

Other loves: Yoga, HipHop, Chemistry, Fashion, Unity and Love (yeah I know I get a Dork card for the last two!)

I am definitely a geek/dork/nerd, however u want to put it, but the new trendy kind.  I am shy at first but get a lil crazy once I’m comfortable in my surroundings.   Always optimistic, always impatient and the Queen of Procrastination. 

Finally, an 80s baby, and if you’ve ever listened to A.D.H.D by Kendrick Lamar, its all true!